CPIOs and Appellate Authorites

CPIOs and Appellate Authorites
S.No Name & Designation of CPIO Subjects Phone & Email Appellate Authority's Name, Designation, Phone No., Email
1 Sh. Vijay Prakash, Director

All matters relating to
(i) General Administration & Establishment
(ii) Coordination
(iii) Hindi Cell
& other related issues

011-23063271 vijay[dot]parkash70[at]gov[dot]in Sh. Hukum Singh Meena, Joint Secretary, 011-23062454 jsac-dolr[at]gov[dot]in
2 Smt Saroj Jaisia, Deputy Secretary

(i) Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP)
(ii) National Institute of Land Administration and Management (NILAM)
& other related issues

011-23062698 saroj[dot]jaisa[at]nic[dot]in Sh. Hukum Singh Meena, Joint Secretary, 011-23063462 meenahs[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
3 Sh. Phool Chandra Prasad, Deputy Secretary

(i) The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
(ii) National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 2007
(iii) Registration Act, 1908
& other related issues

011-23062456 prasad-upsc[at]gov[dot]in Sh. Hukum Singh Meena, Joint Secretary, 011-23063462 meenahs[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
4 Sh. Vipin Kumar Bansal, DIGF

(i) Land Use Policy
(ii) Land Reforms Policy
(iii) Land Governance
(iv) Biofuel Policy
(v) Land Leasing
(vi)Socio-Economic Surveys and analysis for LR and WM Divisions' Schemes
(vii)Monitoring and Evaluation for both LR and WM Divisions' Schemes
(viii)RFD for noth LR and WM Divisions
& other related issues

011-24364603 vipin[dot]bansal68[at]gov[dot]in Smt. Sudha Keshari, Economic Advisor 011-24362396 skeshari[at]nic[dot]in
5 Sh. Amit Kumar,

All matters pertaining to Watershed Management Division
& other related issues

011-24362569 amit[dot]kumarkarn[at]nic[dot]in Sh. G Sajeevan, Deputy Director General, 011-24360692 g[dot]sajeevan[at]nic[dot]in
6 Sh. Niraj Kumar Deuty Secretary

Outcome Budget and IFD matters
& other related issues

011-23062027 niraj[dot]kumar72[at]nic[dot]in Sh. Anshu Prakash, AS & FA, 011-23383880 asfa-mord[at]nic[dot]in .in