Cactus Workshop

List of Cactus Workshop PPT

S No Title Document/FIle
1 Spineless Cactus Plantation Under PMKSY 2.0 presented by WD & SC, GoR. Download Document
2 Cactus Cultivation & its Economic Usages presented by ICARDA. Download Document
3 Spineless Cactus Initiatives presented by ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi(UP), India. Download Document
4 Overview of CBG plants under SATAT presented by MoPNG, GoI. Download Document
5 Spineless Cactus An Amazing Species for Arid & Semi Arid Regions presented by BAIF Development Research Foundation, Central Research Station, Urulikanchan, Pune. Download Document
6 National Workshop on Cactus for Green Economy in Watershed Projects Bio leather from cactus biomasspresented by CSIR-NIIST. Download Document
7 8. Evaluation of Opuntia ficus-indica as alternate fodder resource (arid regions) Download Document
8 Carbon Market & Article 6 of Paris Agreement presented by MoEFCC, GoI. Download Document
9 Green Credit Programme presented by MoEFCC, GoI. Download Document
10 National Bioenergy Programme presented by MNRE, GoI. Download Document
11 States Readiness for Cactus Cluster under WDC-PMKSY 2.0 Download Document