Frequently Asked Questions

    Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) :

    How can I see and get the Record of Rights (RoR) of my land parcel?

    You can either visit the Patwari/Circle Officer/Tehsildar Office for getting physical copy of Record of Rights (RoR) of your land parcel or you can see and get a copy of the same through Common Service Centres (CSCs)/Kiosk or at a Service Guarantee Centre. The RoR can also been seen through websites of concerned State/UT, through the link available at

    How can I get mutation of land records after registration of land parcel purchased?

    You have to visit the concerned Tehsil/Circle Office for mutation process. Some States/UTs have online application facility at respective State/UT portal of Land Records/Land related service. Some States like Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Karnataka, Puduchhery have auto mutation facility.

    How can a person get his name included in RoR after inheriting the properly?

    He/She has to intimate the Tehsildar/Circle office/Patwari/Amin concerned about demise and submit death certificate along with application for entry of his/her name in RoR.

    What information is available in the digitized land records?

    Digitized land records typically include details such as land ownership, area, type of land, and any encumbrances or transactions related to the property.

    Are the digitally signed land records legally valid?

    Yes, digitally signed land records obtained through the CSC/Kiosk portals after paying the prescribed fees are legally valid and recognized by the government. They carry the same legal weight as traditional paper records.

    Are there any fees associated with accessing land records online?

    Some states may charge nominal fees for specific services like obtaining certified copies or extracts of land records. However, accessing basic land information is often free of charge.

    How can I report discrepancies or errors in my land records?

    Most State Government portals provide mechanisms for citizens to report discrepancies or errors in land records. This often involves submitting a request online or visiting the relevant land office.

    National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) :

    Which document are required to be compulsorily registered?

    Registration of document indicated under Section 17 of the Registration Act, 2008 is compulsory.

    Each State has its lists of compulsory documents which require registration under Section 17 of the State Act. Hence it is advised to refer to respective website of State/UTs.

    How can I sign up for Citizen registration?

    Signing up for NGDRS is easy-all you need is to fill the form given on respective website and enabling the operations.

    How do I submit deeds for registration?

    Guidelines to submit document for registration
    Please read the guidelines before filling property registration details at Help (Manuals) of the State/UTs link on website Click here for NGDRS Website

    Step1: New user registration
    Step2: Login
    Step3: Fill all details of A-General Info tab
    Step4: C-Property details & Valuation
    Step5: Fill D-Party details and set one party as a presenter.
    Step6: E-Witness
    Step7: F-Payment
    Step8: G-Stamp duty calculation
    Step9: H-Pre-Registration Summary
    Step10: I-Upload File
    Step11: J-Data submission
    Step12: K-Appointment
    Step13: Go to the SRO office on the appointment date for further processing.

    Can I upload my document for registration through online mode?

    Once User is Registered and Logged in through above process, the property details can be uploaded in Step 4 and other files can be uploaded in Step 10.

    Whether facility of online uploading of document is available in State/UTs where NGDRS or Its equivalent e-registration System is operational?

    NGDRS Software. In case of States/UTs using equivalent e-registration system, they have their specific guidelines may be referred to for uploading documents.

    Can I take pre-appointment through this portal?

    As indicated in S. No. 4, after completing all Steps up to 11, at Step 12, pre-appointment can be booked.

    Whether stamp duty and registration fee is calculated in online mode?

    Once User Login after Registration and fill-in information up to Step 4, the Stamp Duty will be automatically calculated in Step 5.

    Can I correct/amend details of property or party details or witnesses etc. after appointment with SRO?

    Yes, the SRO will revert the form after that User can correct/amend the details.

    How do I come to know about registration of my document?

    A Text message is sent by NGDRS Portal on registered mobile number.

    A Text message is sent by NGDRS Portal on registered mobile number.

    The model draft deed can be obtained from State/UT specific registration website.

    ULPIN stands for Unique Land Parcel Identification Number(ULPIN) :

    What is ULPIN?

    ULPIN stands for Unique Land Parcel Identification Number.

    What is the Use of ULPIN?

    It is an unique identifier of a Land Parcel

    How it is generated?

    It is generated based on geo-referenced Latitude & Longitude coordinates of vertices of a parcel.

    Who generates ULPIN for a Parcel?

    State/UT Revenue administration using software utility provided by DoLR

    What is Geo-referencing?

    Geo-referencing means that the internal coordinate system of a digital map or aerial photo can be related to a ground system of geographic coordinates. It connects the information to a map displaying it in relation to its position in the real world

    Does ULPIN generated based on some standards?

    ULPIN is generated by computer based on ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) international Standard & also Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.

    Can ULPIN help interoperability among domain systems?:

    Yes, ULPIN is generated for each parcel based on its geo-referenced data and can be saved in database and can act as a unique ID to refer details of this parcel by Land Record or any other application having due access rights.

    Is ULPIN permanent Unique ID for a parcel for all time?

    No, It can change if geometry of parcel changes i.e in case of mutation etc.

    How ULPIN is maintained in case of mutation of Plot ?

    No, it will not change if the entire land parcel is sold as there is no change in the geometry of the land parcel or the latitude, longitude of the land parcel.

    Will the ULPIN change if the entire land parcel is sold?

    No, it will not change if the entire land parcel is sold as there is no change in the geometry of the land parcel or the latitude, longitude of the land parcel.

    Will the ULPIN change if the land parcel is divided into more than one part?

    Yes, as it is based on the geometry and the latitude and longitude of the co-ordinates of the vertices, it will change if the land parcel is partitioned into more than one parts.

    How land Governance is improved by ULPIN?

    ULPIN is uniqueID and can improve referencing of any parcel. It helps in interoperability among various systems bringing better value to Land Governance. Also as an Id, It is likely to have long durability since ULPIN is organically generated based on geo-referenced Lat/Long of parcel AND is not dependent on administrative units codes(State, district, tehsil, villages codes etc) AND parcel mutation does not happen.

    What happens to old ULPIN in case of new set of ULPIN is generated?

    It is archived for past referencing.

    Who conceptualized and maintains architecture of ULPIN?

    Department of Land Resources, GoI in collaboration with Deptt of Science & Technology(DST), GoI and National Informatics Centre(NIC), GoI

    How Many states/UTs have adapted it?

    29 States/UTs have rolled it out and 04 States/UTs are under pilot testing as on 26th January, 2024.

    Whether the ULPINs are kept in the public domain?

    It depends on the respective State revenue department/UT administration.

    Who are its possible users?

    State/UT revenue administration, Parcel owners etc