Revenue Court Case Management System (RCCMS)

    The Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) has been extended till 2025-26 with addition of two new components
    (i) Consent Based Linkage of Aadhar number with land records database.
    (ii) Computerization of revenue courts and their integration with land records.
    The DoLR with technical support of National Informatics Centre (NIC) is in the process of development of application software for Revenue Court Case Management System (RCCMS). The primary objective of developing this software is to have a comprehensive platform that can effectively manage all aspects of revenue court operations and generating MIS. The software will provide a centralized platform for case management including filing of case, document storage, data analysis, reporting, and decision-making. It will enable citizens to access real-time information, track case progress, obtain court decisions, and make informed decisions for approaching higher courts. A dashboard for integrating existing RCCMS portals of all States/UTs would also be developed.
    The broad activities that are proposed to be taken up as part of this project include-


    A. Application Software Development– Development, testing, security auditing and hosting of new application encompassing all the steps for online functioning of Revenue court. The States will/may install the software in cloud owned and managed by the States in their own cost.

    B. Inter-linking with other existing / proposed programmes: NIC is already providing ICT and e-Governance support to Department of Land Resources (DoLR) and assisting the States/UTs in implementation of Computerization of Land Records scheme. RCCMS will be linked to other existing MIS as far as possible.
    It has been envisaged that a Central Dashboard indicating key indicators for MIS on e-RCCMS would be developed at the first stage. It will provide information related to pending revenue court cases at different level, nature of pending cases, court decision etc. The software to be developed by NIC, will be customized as per the States/UTs requirements. The software will facilitate the efficient management of revenue court cases by providing features such as case tracking, scheduling hearings, managing documents, and generating notifications. It will also have link with land records database in due course of time.