भूमि विनियमन


क्रमांक शीर्षक अनुलग्नक फ़ाइल
1 Revised procedure for flow of funds under Central Sector Schemes डाउनलोड (3.11 MB) pdf
2 Guidelines, Technical Manuals and Management Information System 2021-2026 डाउनलोड (8.35 MB) pdf
3 Guidelines for the Digital Land Governance Iconic Village and Panchayat Award डाउनलोड (2.52 MB) pdf
4 Guidelines, Technical Manuals and MIS 2018-19 डाउनलोड (3.43 MB) pdf
5 Draft revised Operational Guidelines of DILRMP डाउनलोड (3.17 MB) docx
6 Plan for setting up of DILRMP Centre - cell डाउनलोड (2.5 MB) pdf